2nd Chance Employment Month

April 10, 2024
Posted by
Ernest "BJ" Beaver

Second chances are celebrated in April.

The month is recognized as National Second Chance Employment Month which encourages employers to consider people with criminal records or past adversities for employment opportunities. This month-long focus is intended to shine a light on the importance of breaking the cycle of recidivism, contributing to economic growth, fostering inclusive workplaces and promoting social justice.

A survey conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management found 85% of human resource leaders and 81% of business leaders believe that these employees perform as well as or even better than other employees, highlighting the effectiveness of second chance employment initiatives.

Breaking the Cycle of Recidivism: By providing stable employment, second chance opportunities offer a pathway to rehabilitation, reducing the likelihood of people returning to crime.

Contributing to Economic Growth: Embracing second chance employment taps into a diverse talent pool, benefiting businesses economically while alleviating labor shortages and reducing taxpayer costs associated with incarceration.

Building Inclusive Workplaces: Second chance employment fosters a culture of diversity and tolerance, promoting a sense of belonging and loyalty among employees, while also valuing resilience and determination.

Promoting Social Justice: By challenging stigma and discrimination, second chance employment advocates for equal opportunities, addressing systemic barriers to employment and fostering a more just and equitable society.

Federal Bonding Program and Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit Act: Government initiatives like the Federal Bonding Program and the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit Act provide further support for second chance employment. The Federal Bonding Program offers fidelity bonds to employers as a form of insurance to hire people with criminal backgrounds, reducing the perceived risk.

On the other hand, the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit Act incentivizes businesses to hire individuals from targeted groups, including those with criminal records, by offering tax credits. These programs not only benefit employers financially but also encourage them to embrace second chance hiring practices, ultimately promoting rehabilitation and workforce integration.

Second chance employment, supported by government programs like the Federal Bonding Program and the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit Act, is a powerful tool for promoting rehabilitation, reducing recidivism, fostering inclusivity, and advancing social justice. Embracing these opportunities is not just about giving individuals jobs; it's about giving them hope and a chance to contribute positively to society's fabric.

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