Electronic Mobility for Every Budget

October 30, 2023
Posted by
Peggy Masterson

The interest in electronic mobility gains more popularity every day. When we think about electronic bicycles, we might immediately think of vehicles like a moped or a scooter, but the e-bicycle is quickly emerging as the preferred option of electronic transportation.

An e-bike is described as a motorized bicycle with integrated electric motor that assists with propulsion. An e-bike does not take over when you pedal. Instead, the bicycle torque sensors measure how much effort you are putting in and then matches that effort with the motor’s output.

The technology for these electric cycles has continually progressed for the last 10 years and today there are versions to address every use: recreational road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, speed bikes and more.

An e-bike will likely cost somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000. Many companies will build a custom bike for you and even deliver it to your doorstep. If you already have an e-bike and are interested in trading it in for an upgrade, they will assist with that too.

There are even tax incentives available for the purchase of an e-bike. The electric bicycle tax credit offers $1,000 back in your federal tax return. The “Build Back Better” bill, which is still pending, will offer an estimated $900 credit for those who qualify.

Myrtle Beach has several bicycle companies where you can purchase or rent an e-bike.

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