Horry County Flood Insurance Rates to Drop

October 16, 2023
Posted by
James Toy

Horry County residents can expect to save on flood insurance premiums, starting in April 2024. This is because the county has received a new Community Rating System (CRS) score of 5, down from 7. The CRS is a program run by the National Flood Insurance Program that rewards communities for taking steps to reduce flood risk. A lower CRS score means lower flood insurance premiums for residents.

The CRS program was created in 1990 to encourage communities to adopt and enforce flood mitigation measures. Communities earn credits for a variety of activities, such as adopting flood plain management ordinances, elevating homes above flood levels, and providing public flood education. The more credits a community earns, the lower its CRS score and the greater the discount on flood insurance premiums for its residents.

Horry County has been participating in the CRS program since 2010. In recent years, the county has implemented a number of new flood mitigation measures, such as the 2021 Flood Damage Reduction Ordinance. The ordinance requires new homes to be elevated above the base flood elevation, and it also establishes stricter standards for floodproofing existing homes.

The county's new CRS score of 5 is a significant achievement. It means that Horry County residents are now eligible for a 25% discount on their flood insurance premiums. This is a substantial savings, and it is a testament to the county's commitment to reducing flood risk.

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