How I-73 Could Impact Inland Port Dillon

June 27, 2023
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James Toy

Inland Port Dillon, opened in April 2018 and continues to have a significant economic impact on the northeastern region of South Carolina and beyond. Located near the planned intersection of I-95 and I-73, the port offers direct rail access to the Port of Charleston, improving transportation efficiency for businesses involved in importing and exporting goods. The construction of I-73 is crucial for the development and future growth of Inland Port Dillon, and its economic impact is considered part of the broader impact of the interstate.

The benefits of Interstate 73 for Inland Port Dillon can be summarized as follows:

Enhanced Connectivity:

Proximity to I-73 provides improved transportation connectivity, enabling efficient movement of goods between the port and the interstate. This facilitates import and export activities and offers businesses seamless access to a major transportation artery.

Supply Chain Efficiency:

The presence of I-73 enhances supply chain efficiency for businesses. By locating warehouses and manufacturing facilities near Inland Port Dillon, companies can optimize their supply chains, reduce transportation costs, and streamline logistics operations.

Business Attraction:

Inland Port Dillon's location near the planned intersection of I-95 and I-73 attracts businesses, particularly in the logistics and manufacturing sectors. The port's accessibility acts as a catalyst, enticing additional businesses to establish or expand their operations in the region. This increased business activity leads to job creation and overall economic growth.

The economic impact of Inland Port Dillon encompasses its operations and the expansion of regional logistics and manufacturing industries. By 2040, the combined annual total economic impact is estimated to reach $825.3 million, supporting 3,462 jobs in South Carolina. This includes direct effects from the port's operations, such as employment and container handling, as well as ripple effects resulting from the growth of logistics and manufacturing sectors.

In conclusion, the construction of Interstate 73 near Inland Port Dillon brings enhanced connectivity, improved supply chain efficiency, and increased business attraction to the region. The port serves as a vital economic hub, generating substantial economic growth, job creation, and wealth effects for South Carolina. Inland Port Dillon's role in facilitating efficient import/export activities and its strategic location make it a key player in the transportation and logistics landscape of the northeastern region.

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