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January 10, 2024
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Frankie Colon


"As resort operators, we see the profound potential Partnership Grand Strand holds for our industry and the people we serve. This is a powerful collaboration that empowers resorts, restaurants, attractions and the broader Myrtle Beach community as well. By focusing on the pillars of prosperity, talent, place, and infrastructure, we're ensuring a stronger, more resilient economy for our residents. It's not just an investment in the present, but a strategic move that will shape the future of Myrtle Beach for years to come. Partnership Grand Strand is about creating and sustaining jobs, driving new investments, and enhancing the quality of life for everyone who lives and works here.”

Clay Brittain, Chairman and Managing Partner


About Us

Founded in 1943, Brittain Resorts & Hotels continues to be the leading full-service hospitality management company in the Southeast. Providing multi-layered expertise in all disciplines of hotel and resort operations, Brittain Resorts & Hotels enriches the lives of our team members, guests, partners, and the communities we serve in by providing exceptional guest experiences, a supportive work environment, and superior returns.


Impact on the Grand Strand economy

As a prominent hospitality company operating in the Myrtle Beach area, Brittain Resorts & Hotels has played a crucial role in driving economic growth, generating employment opportunities, stimulating local businesses and elevating the region's overall appeal as a premier travel destination.

Our diverse portfolio of resorts and hotels attracts over 1,000,000 tourists annually, boosting revenue and benefiting local businesses such as restaurants, retail shops, entertainment venues, and transportation services. We consistently invest in our properties, prioritizing annual resort renovations during the off-season to raise the market standard. Additionally, we commit over $8,000,000 annually toward marketing efforts, enhancing the Grand Strand's reputation and drawing visitors from across the country.

Additionally, Brittain Resorts & Hotels' operations generate a significant amount of direct and indirect job opportunities, employing over 3,000 individuals annually. The need for staff in diverse positions like hotel management, housekeeping, maintenance, and customer service contributes to local job growth and the decrease in unemployment rates. Consequently, this dynamic has a beneficial impact on the overall quality of life for residents of the Grand Strand community.

About Partnership Grand Strand
Partnership Grand Strand is a 501c3 foundation launched in 2022 by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce to fund a five-year economic and community development initiative. Through investments from local businesses and partnerships with community organizations, the foundation leads and supports efforts related to four pillars of success: prosperity, talent, place and infrastructure. Through their focused endeavors, Partnership Grand Strand works to accelerate economic prosperity and enhance quality of life across Horry and Georgetown counties. 
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