Is Your Organization “Selling” What Today’s Employees Want To Buy?

September 14, 2023
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Peggy Masterson

Finding great employees has always been a challenge, but it’s increasingly more difficult in today’s “war” for top talent.   As the competition for candidates intensifies, it is important for employers to stay connected to the things that today’s employees are saying they want.

Have you heard of the phrase “Employee Value Proposition” or EVP?  If not, you probably need to begin thinking about it.  EVP is essentially your company’s ability to build an offering that is attractive to potential talent.  In order to do that, we need to understand what employees find most valuable.

The Gallup Consulting Group recently asked 13,000 US employees what was most important to them when deciding to accept a new job offered by a new employer.  The following outline their results:

Pay and Well-Being came in ranked #1 and #2 respectively.  Both show a significant shift from prior surveys.  

  1. Pay has always been near the top, but it jumped from 4th (in 2015) to 1st place. Analysts believe that job seekers recognize that organizations are struggling to find great people, so they are confidently asking for more money.
  2. Well-Being refers to work-life balance.  This value has also taken a jump from 5th to 2nd place.  Employees are placing more value on personal freedoms.  They want to work when they want, where they like and how they like.  This mindset is often referred to as the “new will of the workforce”.
  3. Ability to do what I do best.
  4. Greater stability and job security
  5. COVID Vaccination Policies
  6. Diversity within the organization

These insights should play a significant role in your recruiting process.  Now that you know what your top candidates are looking for, you should tailor your employment offering accordingly.  

For more detail and additional insights visit this link to read the entire article.

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