So You Think You Want to be An Entrepreneur?

September 1, 2023
Posted by
Peggy Masterson

Everyone wants to be successful.   Everyone believes their idea has merit.  Everyone also believes they can and will succeed.

These notions are a fundamental part of all people (in business or otherwise).  Entrepreneur Magazine has interviewed thousands of innovators and they have identified five key traits that separate those that believe in themselves and WANT to succeed from those that actually DO succeed. 

Everyone agrees that there is no secret recipe for success, but here are five “special ingredients” that tend to appear in all successful people:

  1. They Embrace Failure.
  2. They Excel at Relationship Building
  3. They are Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  4. They are Continually Curious
  5. They Have a Personal Mission About Their Work.

Get inspired to succeed.  We know you have the “secret ingredients!

Check out all the additional details surrounding these traits at

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