The Future of Delivery Services: What About a Four-Wheeled Electronic Mini-Truck?

October 3, 2023
Posted by
Peggy Masterson

That’s right, UPS and Amazon have been testing these electric mini-trucks in New York City and other metropolitan areas.  These golf sized quadricycles are quickly developing into a way to slash the number of delivery trucks clogging up city streets while delivering on the environmentally friendly mandates.

These mini-trucks will travel in bike lanes and easily navigate into roadside parking spaces.  Because these mini-vehicles obviously cannot hold the same amount of items as the traditional delivery trucks, service providers are developing “micro-hubs” that allow for big trucks to drop off deliveries across the city.  The mini-truck picks up their delivery items and complete the last leg of the supply chain.

The next generation of delivery services is already underway.   Stay informed and encourage innovation as it becomes available in your community.

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